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Poached Cocos Island Sharks – Shipped Worldwide

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Could recently uncovered poached sharks in Mirbat Harbor, Oman have come from Cocos Island?


These photos were taken last year. The photos were submitted to the Ministry of Environment in Oman and this action helped curtail mass slaughter such as this. Unfortunately, it is still happening, albeit perhaps on a smaller scale.  We do not know where these shars were fished.  Sharks and other endangered animals found in these markets come from around the work, even possibly Cocos Island.

Again, please do all that you can to spread awareness that sharks are being caught in an unsustainable manner, like just about all of the other species in the ocean. They take a long time to reproduce and live long lives if they don’t wind up on the end of a long line or in a net. Most species are being pushed to the brink of extinction. All shark species have declined 60-90% in the last 60 years.

Don’t eat shark fin soup. Don’t buy shark products and please speak out against shark finning and brutal practice such as this one. Ignorance and fear play a large part in the practice of shark finning and slaughter, as well as money. Lots and lots of money is paid for shark fins.

By Jessica Simms