Sea Save


“Sea Save Foundation is powered largely by volunteers who bring thier professional acumen to the organization. We have team members from around the globe and we love waking up every morning knowing we are making a difference.”

Sea Save Foundation is powered by volunteers. If you are passionate about ocean life, want to feel that you are making a positive difference, and enjoy being part of a positive, optimistic and energetic group, consider joining our pod. There is so much to be done!

“Working with the Sea Save Foundation allowed me the opportunity to bond with my son and teach him the importance of conservation and the joy of volunteering for the betterment of all.”  – Jay Martinez

Volunteering for the Sea Save Foundation enables me to be part of a team that is making a difference.  I have been a member of ‘Sea Save Pod’ for six months and in that short time, I have worked with the an amazing group of individuals from around the world, each bringing different perspectives and unique skills.  This mix creates an exceptional learning environment, where I have advanced my knowledge and skills in marketing, donor relations, and operations. Not only is Sea Save Foundation a great organization because of its initiatives, it’s a lot fun and I really look forward to the time shared with our team.  – Rebeca Rodriguez

I started out with Sea Save Foundation as a project manager and quickly became involved in other projects. My eyes have been opened to the work that goes into running a non-profit organization. Organization leaders are flexible and work with your schedule. The more you put into the foundation, the more you will gain. I have worked directly with foundation director Georgienne Bradley.  No matter where she is in the world, she is available to answer questions and concerns (I honestly don’t know how she does it). My SSF experience improved my communication skills and expanded my knowledge on environmental policy. Thanks to the wonderful SSF recommendation,  I was accepted into the MPA Environmental Science and Policy program at Columbia University! I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy working with this passionate group.  – Lisa Kubatera