Sea Save

10 Things
You Can Do Right Now

Want to get started?  Consider taking action with these ten simple steps.

1. Follow Sea Save Foundation

Sea Save Foundation is small, nimble and we are making a huge difference. Our highly effective, volunteer-powered initiatives increase public awareness, inform policymakers, and empower individuals to take action to protect our oceans. Join Newsletter.

2. Take Action

There is power in numbers and, on both national and international issues, your opinion matters. Sea Save campaigns, like our successful effort to fight shark finning in Florida, are making a difference. See what actions you can take today to help us in our fight for ocean-friendly policies.

3. Eat sustainable seafood

Monterey Bay Aquarium logpGlobal fisheries are on the verge of collapse due to overfishing and other destructive practices. You can help protect and restore fish populations by choosing seafood from sustainable sources. For the most up-to-date guidance, download the Seafood Watch app from our strategic partner the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

4. Refuse plastic

plastic pollution coalition logoWhen plastic waste reaches the ocean, it kills birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals. Floating plastic debris often resembles food, and animals may choke or starve when plastic blocks their digestive systems. To help prevent these unnecessary deaths, choose reusable items over single-use plastic bags and bottles, and avoid products with excessive packaging. Sea Save is a proud strategic partner in the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

5. Use our Amazon Smile link

When you use Amazon Smile, a portion of your order total is donated to Sea Save to support our efforts.

6. Volunteer

For a small organization, Sea Save has a big impact. And it’s all made possible by volunteers. Want to be part of our global team? Check out our current volunteer opportunities and lend a hand!

7. Stay Informed

Ocean week in reviewEvery week, Sea Save collects the best stories and latest research from the world of ocean conservation, and we bring it to you in our “Ocean Week in Review” newsletter. Follow our Facebook or Twitter streams to get the review delivered weekly to your timeline.

8. Leverage your power as a consumer

Your choices matter. Avoid buying unsustainable and environmentally destructive goods, such as cosmetics containing microbeads, or jewelry made of coral or sea turtle shells. These products have been linked directly to destruction of marine ecosystems.

9. Share with a friend

Tell people what’s going on with the world’s oceans and what they can do to make a difference. Join the conversation with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and share our newsletter with your ocean-loving friends. And please consider choosing Sea Save for your next Facebook birthday fundraiser.

10. Seas the Vote!

seas the voteSea Save Foundation is a non-partisan advocate for practical, science-based policies that defend ocean life while preserving local economies. To be successful, we need elected officials who understand what’s at stake. Before you vote, do your research to know which candidates, if elected, will be making ocean-friendly decisions. After elections are over, call and write to your elected officials, encouraging them to support ocean conservation measures. #VoteTheOcean