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Georgienne Bradley


Georgienne Bradley is the founder and the board director of Sea Save Foundation. She is also co-owner of Bradley Ireland Productions, one of the world’s largest underwater still photography and video stock.

A well-known and tireless conservationist, Ms. Bradley is a scientist, underwater photographer, videographer, writer and producer who has focused on raising awareness about the plight of the world’s oceans for over three decades. She has authored hundreds of magazine articles and scientific papers about the ocean, and two books, Such is Life in Costa Rica: Underwater Printex, Costa Rica and Dive Guide to Costa Rica.  Ms. Bradley has also has produced ocean-themed television programming for a variety of studios and networks including Paramount, Disney and National Geographic.

Leveraging her strong background in biology and chemistry, she is able to weave a story that is compelling, understandable and truthful. These are the issues that people care about and, thus are called to action.  Georgienne is a strong leader and public speaker, but what she loves most is to be underwater watching “her” animals. She is perhaps best known for her work involving shark finning and Cocos Island.  In 1990, Ms. Bradley and underwater photographer Jay Ireland began documenting the plight of Cocos Island, a remote, uninhabited island off the coast of Costa Rica that is home to a thriving marine ecosystem that makes it one of the world’s top dive spots.  The two documented the shark-finning practices at Cocos Island, and, in an attempt to stop it, they presented their findings to the Costa Rican President José María Figueres and Minister of Natural Resources, Alvaro Ugalde. The duo’s photographs were used by the Costa Rica government to launch a national marine-awareness campaign including a postage stamp series, national lottery tickets and other materials.  Bradley and Ireland were instrumental in expanding the boundaries of the protected areas around Cocos Island National Park and eventually contributed to the UNESCO petition which made Cocos Island a World Heritage Site.

In 1995, Ms. Bradley spearheaded the launch of Costa Rican Marine Imaging Project (CRMIP), a non-profit organization that enabled high school and college students to get involved with ocean focused educational projects.  She is also the co-founder of the America Society of Media Photographers’ Underwater Professionals’ Group.

In her current role with Sea Save Foundation, Ms. Bradley campaigns to raise awareness about the planet’s fragile marine ecosystems and advocates for change in public policy. In 2013, representatives from Sea Save Foundation helped negotiate groundbreaking policy changes at CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) to protect seven marine species.  With Sea Save Foundation’s current Give ‘em The Fin campaign, Bradley has returned to the issue of shark finning.

Ms. Bradley studied medicine at Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University and attended graduate school at Georgetown University.  In 2006 she was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

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Board of Directors

Kelsey Powell Boyer


Kelsey was instrumental during the nascent years of Sea Save Foundation (then Imaging Foundation). She brought a fresh perspective and energy to the table as the Article of Incorporation were drafted.  She now returns, armed with a Bachelors’s degree in Psychology and a Masters’ degree in Education. She brings her acumen to both our campaigns and our development efforts. Kelsey is inspired by her sons Chance and Jack and wants to protect oceans so her children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy healthy oceans in the future.

Lawrence Stock MD

FACEP, Physician, Clinical Professor of Medicine UCLA, Trauma Director Emeritus (Community Partners International, Thailand – Burma Border), President-elect California Chapter of the America College of Emergency Physicians. Partner at Antelope Valley Emergency Medical Associates, Vice Chairman Emergency Department, Antelope Valley Hospital.  Larry brings a 25-year history of working with disaster relief and human rights efforts. The deterioration of our oceans threatens our right to live on a healthy planet.

Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein is a software engineering executive with over 20 years of experience building software and managing software engineering organizations. He’s currently the VP of Software Engineering at Salesforce heading up the Sales Force Automation group responsible for developing the core components of the Sales CRM product line. Scott’s passion for the Ocean is rooted in his love for diving, which he enjoys whenever he gets a chance to take some time off from building software products. He hopes to preserve and foster the sea life and seascapes he’s encountered for future generations.

Ian Allsopp

Online Auction Director and Data Analyst – Ian, calls London home. He communicates several times a week via SKYPE and has proved himself irreplaceable. He keeps track of all the yearly fundraising data and helps other Sea Save leaders focus on campaigns and programs. [email protected]

Yehuda Goldman

Creative Director

Yehuda is a Creative Director, Content Creator, and Writer. His incredible background, experience, and skills have helped us immensely in many areas such as social media, guest speakers, productions, etc. He is a multidisciplinary leader, relationship builder, and a strategic thinker providing a fusion of insightful digital solutions and high-impact creative content.

Melissa Martinez


Melissa Martinez has worked with Sea Save Foundation leadership for over 26 years. As a high school student, Melissa worked scanning slides, identifying marine species and natural history behavior and then compiling this information into a robust, searchable database. Melissa leverages her Master degree in Education to help realize the success of the organization’s mission. Before assuming her current role as Assistant Director, Melissa taught for 13 years while she simultaneously served on the SSF Board of Directors and as Director of Education. She oversaw the “Cayman Classroom” project which linked an elementary school classroom in Grand Cayman to one in Wisconsin. “I have always loved the sea, SCUBA Diving is my passion. I want to be sure that my 8-year-old daughter, Jessica and her children are also able to enjoy healthy oceans.”

Carlos de la Rosa

Carlos de la Rosa holds a Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is Adjunct Professor at several US and Costa Rican universities, providing additional links and collaborations with academic institutions. He served as the director of USAID’s Environmental Management Office in Costa Rica as well as the Program Director for The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve and later as the Director of the Catalina Conservancy. He has written several books and over 50 articles, papers and field guides.

Adam Hanlon

Adam Hanlon is a freelance photographer, specializing in underwater photography. His images and reports have won international competitions and been used in prestigious publications and by world-renowned organizations. He grew up in South Africa, received a BA in Political Science, and has been an active diver since 1984. He holds recreational and technical diving qualifications up to instructor level from many agencies, and has been instructing since 1987. He is the editor of Wetpixel, the world’s leading resource on all things underwater imaging and through Wetpixel Expeditions, Adam leads regular photography expeditions and workshops around the world. He also owns a successful dive school based near Lancaster, UK.

Alex Bryant

Alexander Bryant has an impressive history of working in the hospitality industry and operates nine Emperor and Constellation Fleet liveaboards in the Maldives. This has brought him up close with the ocean’s challenges and inspired him to help. He has a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Business Venturing from the University of Southampton and he is skilled in Customer Service, Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, and Marketing Strategy.

Andrew Lok

Andrew Lok is the Co-Founder of the Solitude brand and Managing Director of CKM-Squared Pte Ltd (Since 2012), the owning company of the Solitude brand with its flagship Solitude One Live-aboard launched and operational in December 2013. He is well versed with current and future information technologies (a graduate in computer electronics and programming, and also known across international markets associated with scuba travel, and notably excellent reputation in South East Asia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China with a strong network of sales agents. With his sharp business acumen, he will be a great asset in helping Sea Save further our cause.

Michael Penwarden

Michael brings his vast background in technology and publishing to the Sea Save Foundation family. As editor of Macworld Magazine and co-founder of Cognito Publishing Michael leveraged the power of the written word. He is currently the VP of Hirsch Media and CEO of Cozumel’s “Dive Paradise”.

Peter Hughes

Inducted into the Divers Hall of Fame and recipient of the coveted Reaching Out Award, Peter Hughes loves the underwater world. He has been diving for over 40 years, and each dive he discovers new reasons to love the ocean. An ardent conservationist, Peter now joins the Sea Save pod to help raise awareness about sharks, mantas, and all ocean ecosystems.

Jesse Bruyn


Jesse is a Regional Vice President at Salesforce. He oversees their Marketing Technology business in Canada. He spends his days helping the worlds most iconic brands transform how they engage with their customers. Since he was a child, Jesse has had a fascination with sharks which led him to start diving in 2009. He has since acquired an insatiable need to capture the beauty of the underwater world with his camera. Jesse joined Sea Save to help protect the oceans that he loves. He leverages both his business and vast underwater photography experience to strengthen our team.

Sharon Free

Communication is the solvent for all problems and the foundation for success. Sharon Free presents Sea Save Foundation’s goals and accomplishments to the world. A “creative” in all ways, Sharon brings her expansive background in design and messaging to the pod and communicates our message to the world.

Dr. Shelby Hockenberry

Dr. Shelby Hockenberry received her Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. She brings a plethera of knowledge, experience and passion to the SSF board. She is an accomplished public policy expert with significant experience in strategic planning, environmental policy, regulation, economics, organizational strategies, and research at international, national, and state levels. She also brings extensive expertise presenting complex analysis at the intersection of health care, the environment, public policy, and economics in a variety of mediums to regulators, legislators, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, executives, and at professional forums. Shelby is skilled in the translation of sophisticated analyses into straightforward materials that can be easily consumed by the general public.


Our Salesforce team is at the hub of all Sea Save Foundation’s successes. The management of all our communications, data, and research helps drive successful campaigns. John Henninghelps lead this team. He brings with him not only a passion for ocean conservation but also over a decade of experience in Salesforce architecture. Previously a Senior Manager at Salesforce, John now is the Senior Manager of Digital Platforms at Accenture Federal Services.

Sea Save Foundation- Base Team

We are proud of the accomplishments made and awards received by our Base Team. Paramount to our “super-team” selection process was their proven dedication to wildlife education. Each member brings to the table not only valuable talents but an enthusiastic willingness to mentor others and convey a passion for the natural world through entertaining projects. These projects will be used in educational programs for local communities, youth groups, and nonprofit organizations. The Base Team profiles reveal a cadre of sharp, creative, and scientific minds. We invite you to join us in our challenge to better understand and protect the natural world.

Jay Ireland


Jay Ireland’s innate understanding of animal behavior is a key ingredient for our success recipe. As a diver, a filmmaker and photographer Jay possesses both the experience and the tenacity to capture underwater and terrestrial activity in new innovative ways. Jay is also a born teacher. He thrives upon sharing his childlike enthusiasm and he leverages his camera skills to do this. Jay’s images have already stood witness for many efforts. They were showcased in the largest emission of postage stamps by the Costa Rica government as well as used for one year on the face of the national lottery tickets. Each program was linked to a set of teaching standards that were created to compliment the effort. The first published photographs of shark finning were shot by Jay Ireland in 1991. Jay co-founded Sting Ray City in the Cayman Islands with his lifelong friend Pat Kenney.

Katerina Sidorenko

Assistant Director 

Katerina brings ten years of experience in administrative, research, and business support. She worked in finance, law, and safety administration and has also completed an “Integrative Wellness Life Coach” certification. Katerina took part in the Department of Conservation (DOC) Field Work Projects in New Zealand. During her tenure, she helped protect Whio and endangered Takahe birdlife. Katerina’s avid research skills, project management, true team player skills and dedication to Sea Save has led her to take on the role of the Director of Programs. With an innate capability to prioritize and execute tasks, Katerina understands what is important and helps keep the Sea Save team moving forward in as quickly as possible. [email protected]

Angela Stefanovska

website specialist

Angela Stefanovska is our website creator extraordinaire! Her years and experience in website design, WordPress implementation and optimization, web hosting, as well as creativity and structure help us showcase our mission. Angela lives in Macedonia and like many others on our team works seamlessly using Internet communications tools.

Mystica Green

Gettrashy Campaign Leader

Mystica Green has a lifelong passion for ocean conservation. For over 15 years she has been making her own environmentally conscious cleaners, educating others regarding how chemicals and plastic not only affect us as humans but the environment and wildlife as well. While picking up trash on her local beach, she came across a baby sea turtle that washed up on land. This poor baby turtle had died due to ingesting plastic and only fueled her fire to rid the beaches and waterways of plastic. She has since been working locally to help educate others on the importance of plastic pollution and marine life conservation as well as being a part of Sea Save Foundation to help promote awareness globally. She is a woman of many talents and has been a great asset to us!

Natalia Semeniuk

google ads specialist

Works fastidiously in the background making sure all the Sea Save work and efforts are seen by the world. With his vast Internet search and Google Ads acumen, he brings thousands of people to our website to learn about ocean challenges, and how they can help us “turn the tide.”

Selene Álvarez Peña

Grant Team Member

Pat Donahue

Director of Communications

Pat Donahue joined the Sea Save Foundation as the Director of Communications in August of 2020. He’s currently the Sr Director of Marketing, Social, and Content at LA Kings Hockey Club overseeing all marketing and branding for the NHL team; along with serving as an Advisory board member of Covenant House California. Twice named in the “Top 50 Most Powerful in Southern California Sports” and 4 times LA Emmy award winner, he currently resides in Hawthorne California with his wife and 2 cats. Avid video game player and movie watcher, amateur pizzaiolo, and pop art collector.

Doug Walker

SEO Director

Doug Walker, the owner of Doug Walker consulting, is a 15-year veteran in SEO. He has worked for Dell, Intuit, and many other companies and small businesses. He runs an agency of about 50 clients and has extended his acument to Seaa Save Foundation so the world can more easily learn about our critical campaigns.

Phil Coles


Phil Coles has spent nearly ten years as a wildlife film producer. His many productions for National Geographic include Porpoises, Life and Death in the Fast Lane, Global Wolf, Hollywood Fox, Gorillas – from the Heart of Darkness, and Camel’s Empire. He is committed to raising awareness for all aspects of the natural world through media. Phil’s passion extends to the study and protection of marine mammals and is a founding member of Organization Cetacean (ORCA). Phil is also an accomplished artist. His illustrations are showcased in the Field Guide to Marine Mammals of the Atlantic and Pacific, published by Wildguides, Sussex. Phil’s vast experience and talent for teaching make him a welcome addition to our team.

Jay Martinez

Jay is a roll-up-your-sleeves and “get it done” kind of guy. He believes that we can do anything if we set our minds to it. He does not know any limits. Always found with his trusty companion and son Jacob, Jay has spearheaded some of Sea Save’s high-profile campaigns.

Carol Sneed


Carol has helped us with her professional marketing and creativity to create engaging campaigns and news articles for social media and e-newsletters. She has also been part of analyzing profiles to plan daily productive marketing calendar, events, and activities. Her love for the ocean is seen in our social media posts that promote brand awareness for ocean conservation, marine life, and a healthy ecosystem. Carol designs, edits, and tracks all posts and creative assets using key metrics in Photoshop, HootSuite and Tweepi. 

Tobias Meinken


Toby Meinken launched his underwater video career in the remote waters of Cocos Island, Costa Rica in 2005. He fell in love with hammerhead sharks and other marine residents. He witnessed growing threats and his passion for conservation grew stronger with every dive. Inspired by his years at the island, Toby launched an international video production company, Four Elements Video, in 2009. He produces documentaries and is hired as a cameraman for international productions. His films have received accolades and awards at underwater film festivals internationally. Toby joined his friends and fellow “Cocoholics” Jay Ireland and Georgienne Bradley at Sea Save Foundation. He leverages his skills as an underwater shooter to inspire and demonstrate mounting challenges facing the worlds’ oceans.

Samuel McKinney


Samuel graduated from Robert Morris University and is currently the Creative Director at Epek Data. We heard his philosophy and we were hooked. “I believe every image is a story, no matter how little, or how insignificant, there is a meaning behind it. This is what I believe, and as designers, it’s our job to convey these stories in a beautifully interesting way. I started at a young age, admiring the way that advertising has shaped our world, and have never stopped. ” Samuel leverages his creative talents to help the world understand oceans and move to protect them. Basically, he exudes creativity, kindness, and professionalism.

Mary Kurts


Every year Mary Kurts joins our auction team and helps calm the year-end frenzy.  She applies her professional project management skills and ensures that we keep on track during our high profile auction event.

Marta Regge


Science, data, and economics provide the backbone to all Sea Save White Papers and proposals presented at the United Nations Ocean Conference and CITES meetings. Marta helps collate this information and oversees our complex IT. She helps ensure that all our data keeps buzzing along.

B.J. Jones


Betty Jo received her law degree from Georgetown University, she then studied to become a minister. She is an accomplished and prolific author and activist. Most importantly she is a mother who wants to leave a healthy planet for future generations.

Stan Waterman

Pioneer underwater film producer and photographer Stan Waterman, winner of five Emmys, has been at the forefront of scuba diving since its inception. In 1968 he collaborated with Peter Gimbel on the classic shark film “Blue Water, White Death.” He was an associate producer and underwater cameraman. Stan directed underwater photography in the production of “The Deep,” based on Peter Benchley’s best-selling novel. He and his oldest son, Gordy, won the first father-and-son Emmy for their work together in the National Geographic Explorer production, “Dancing With Stingrays.” Stingray City, the topic of the film, was coincidentally discovered by two of our other advisors, Jay Ireland and Pat Kenney. Stan’s commercial success is surpassed only by his passion for diving and his commitment to education and mentoring new filmmakers.


canine ambassador

Denali takes great pride in being the Sea Save Foundation canine ambassador. She wears her vest proudly and is always happy to lend a helping paw. So many people stop and ask her about the “Sea Save Foundation” tag on her jacket. She greets them with an enthusiastic tail wag and allows other Sea Save leaders to explain the importance of Sea Save efforts. During her free time, Denali loves to run along the beach, wind in her face and her happiness is contagious! She has been known to leap into the waves for no reason and she loves nothing more than jumping into a dingy ready to explore.

Chance Boyer

Youth Ambassador

Jack Boyer

Youth Ambassador

Ocean Week In Review Team

Alyssa Murphy

Alyssa Murphy is the Ocean Week in Review Content Writer. She brings seven years of experience in environmental communications and medical editing to Sea Save. Having grown up on the Great Lakes, Alyssa’s passion for conservation began with freshwater but has expanded to the ocean, now that she’s a Northern Virginia resident and close to the Chesapeake Bay. She earned a BA in English from Yale University and an MA in art history from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to Sea Save, she was a communications officer for World Resources Institute in Washington, DC. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, son, and rescue dog.

Izzie McKenzie

Izzie has always had a deep interest in preserving the environment, wildlife, and our oceans. Using the flexibility of homeschooling in her teens, she was able to get more involved than ever. From cutting up plastic soda rings to supporting local wildlife preservation efforts, she’s always excited to get involved in saving our planet. Izzie is thrilled to be working on Sea Save’s Ocean Week In Review!

Lauren Lee


Violeta Benitez

Love our highly successful “Ocean Week in Review”? Meet the woman behind the highly successful series. She casts a wide net and “fishes” for all the most important ocean-related articles… a daunting task at best! She carefully crafts a summary for each article that readers can review in minutes after all that she lays it out in blogger and publishes. [email protected]

Donna Allsopp

“Ocean Week in Review” (OWIR) Syndicator – Donna keeps an eye on our Twitter account and under her leadership we have seen our follower number quadruple. Weekly she takes our OWIR and publishes it around the Internet and on all our social media. [email protected]