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20 August 2020
Conference of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) explained by Sea Save director as part of Caradonna Icon Series

Part 2 of the Icon Series featuring Georgienne Bradley with Sea Save Foundation. “Oceans do not recognize political boundaries so we must work on an international platform if we are going to bring real change,” is Georgienne Bradley’s current mantra.

17 July 2020
United Nations – Ocean Sustainable Development Goals explained by Sea Save director as part of Caradonna Icon Series

“Oceans do not recognize political boundaries so we must work on an international platform if we are going to bring real change,” is Georgienne Bradley’s current mantra.

13 March 2020
Voice of Cocos Island – Lifting the Veil

The Sea Save Foundation team visited Cocos Island in 2020. A group of honed media professionals and Costa Rica government leaders including Haydee Rodriguez, the Costa Rica Vice Minister of Oceans arrived and worked for more than a week to pull back the veil of mystery surrounding this distant and pristine island.

4 January 2020
Stop Offshore Oil Drilling

Sea Save mounted a response to Secretary Zinke of The United States Department of the Interior. He released a proposed plan to open US waters to new offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling. Starting in 2019, 47 leases would be offered to global energy companies to explore and drill in US coastal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. Sea Save Foundation raised awareness about this and more than 2,000 emails were sent to Zinke through our online tool.

2 October 2019
Sea Save is working hard with Bill SB680 to ban Shark Finning in Florida

We are happy to announce that the Florida Senate Bill SB680, which curbs the import, export, and sale of shark fins in Florida, has passed in both the House and Senate. It now heads to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. We have come so far. We are one signature away from passing this critical legislation.  


25 August 2019
Sea Save demands international protection of mako sharks

Scientists, legal analysts, and a consortium of international experts are currently in Geneva deciding the future of mako sharks.  The critical decision of whether the mako shark will be internationally protected by being placed on Appendix II is a vital factor that will help ensure their survival.

The decline of the mako population is particularly concerning due to the fact that the average mako shark has to reach 20 years of age before reproducing. Therefore they will not reach maturity and never reproduce.

This week we are working at CITES*, a United Nations body composed of one voting delegate from all member countries. Also present at this gathering are large fishing business interests. We need your help to show the voting nations that people care about the future of sharks and healthy oceans. This vote will be extremely close.  We need your vote of confidence today.

* Conference of the Parties –  Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

17 August 2019
CITES 2019-Geneva

Sea Save participates at CITES in Geneva and places the Mako Shark, Guitarfish, Wedgefish, Sea Cucumber, under international protection.

28 March 2019
New York – Times Square presents Sea Save Foundation

Sea Save Foundation is invited to leverage our stunning imagery to raise awareness about Ocean Conservation in New York, right front and center of Times Square!

26 November 2018
Sea Save takes action in the Bill Banning Shark Finning Advances in NJ

Sea Save Foundation supports New Jersey bills A.4845/S.2905 which passed the Assembly and State Senate in late November 2019. If signed into law, it will ban the trade, sale, and distribution of any shark fin separated from a shark prior to its lawful landing. New Jersey will become the 13th State to ban the sale and trade of shark fins in the USA and become part of the fight to make shark finning illegal globally.


11 July 2018
Protect Our Nation’s Premier Ocean Fisheries Law – Senate Request to Vote Against H.R. 200

The Magnuson-Stevens Act is the primary law governing marine fisheries management in U.S. federal waters. The House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 200, a bill that would significantly weaken the health of U.S. oceans and fisheries by increasing the risk of overfishing, which occurs when fish are caught faster than they can reproduce, and by delaying the rebuilding of vulnerable commercial and recreational fish populations to sustainable levels.

17 January 2018
Sea Save participates in ‘ Straws Sick – AB 1884 ‘

California legislators are voting to pass AB 1884 that would make it mandatory for consumers to ask for straws before receiving them.  This simple action would significantly cut down on the number of plastic straws used without any significant impact to business owners or the customers. Consumers who still desire a straw will receive one by asking.  AB 1884 gives the consumer the opportunity to make a deliberate change that will collectively impact the challenge of plastic pollution.

6 December 2017
Huffington Post features Sea Save Foundation

“Will they Pave Paradise?” driving millions of global viewers to advocate against the building of a detrimental pier.

26 February 2017
Shark Week Platform Partner

Sea Save Foundation seeks new platforms and formats to deliver education and advocacy messages.  Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” has a massive focused viewership interested in the ocean and marine animals.

16 February 2017
Official United Nations Attendee at Ocean Conference Preparatory Meeting NYC

Sustainable Development Goals – Under the Sea (SDG #14) – Building off of several years of successful negotiation as delegates at CITES, Sea Save Foundation has been invited to participate in United Nations’ conferences and meetings to advocate for specific ocean species and broad issues facing our oceans today. At these conferences, Sea Save Foundation representatives help influence delegates to commit to goal-oriented conservation efforts in their own countries and internationally.

8 February 2017
CITES Pre Meeting – Geneva, Switzerland

Sea Save participates at CITES pre-meeting and strategy session – Official attendees.

1 February 2017
#GetTrashy Launched

#GetTrashy Launched – Get Trashy is a personal challenge that is intended to be a catalyst for individuals and groups to initiate clean up activities in their communities and post the results on Facebook and other social media forums. Sea Save Foundation will post videos asking people to do a personal trash pick up this week and to post a video or image of their outcome. The location, time, and scope is up to the activist, creating a more flexible approach to the traditional beach clean up. Posting resultant images or videos is a way to show outcomes and inspire others to do the same. In addition to the flexibility of choice about time and location, Get Trashy promotes making advocacy clean up of trash something that can be done weekly or as frequently as the individual desires. The individual flexibility and digital video posting opportunities makes Get Trashy this generation’s answer to the traditional beach cleanup.

5 January 2017
Urgent Action – Online Advocacy Tools

We created an online suite of tools that enables the general public to easily connect with their elected officials. These tools provide a valuable digital access point for those seeking to make a difference and make their voice heard. Since there are multiple alternative methods to influence policymakers in addition to online petitions, Sea Save Foundation can encourage people to utilize all effective means of contacting their representatives such as phone calls, email, and social media posts.

1 May 2016
Sea Save Becomes Discovery Shark Week Partner Organization

Sea Save Foundation furthered our Discovery Channel Shark Week honors by being chosen as a Shark Week Partner OrganizationSea Save Foundation provided critical ocean conservation content to this huge audience.

1 April 2016
Sea Save is an Official attendees for CITES in Johannesburg, South Africa

We successfully lobbied to get Silky and Thresher Sharks, Mobula Rays, Chambered Nautilus, Precious Corals placed under the protection of Appendix II. This limits the international trade of these animals and increases scrutiny of the current population.

1 March 2016
Sea Save listed as first partner of the Coalition in The Plastic Pollution Coalition Video

The Plastic Pollution Coalition created a video “Open Your Eyes” that was incredibly effective at explaining what plastic microbeads are, their origin, why they are harmful to our environment, and why they should be banned.  Sea Save Foundation was listed as the first partner of the Coalition in this video that has been viewed by over 60,000 people thus far.

1 February 2016
Sea Save launches Petition Bringing Costa Rican Turtle Killers to Justice

Costa Rica teenagers filmed themselves torturing and killing an endangered turtle.  A video was sent to Sea Save leadership where we posted it on social media. Due to the graphic nature of this video clones of our original video were removed.  We launched a petition demanding that Costa Rica bring these people to justice.  Eventually, they were convicted and sent to jail.

1 January 2016
Sea Save collected over 40k Signatures to Halt Cayman Island Coastal Dredging

Government officials in Grand Cayman Island were going to dredge a critical area of the Georgetown coast.  The installation of the planned pier would have made docking the large cruise ships easier but would have killed much of the world-renown reef system surrounding the island. We were able to collect over 40,000 signatures from around the world and brought them to Grand Cayman where the document was presented to lawmakers.  The plans to dredge were canceled.

1 December 2015
Sea Save supported the Launch of the Whale Entanglement Team

The key Sea Save team members lend their boats and manpower to support the Whale Entanglement Team for this critical effort.

1 November 2015
Sea Save Director Georgienne Bradley Chosen as Shark Week’s first Finbassadors

Georgienne was honored with being chosen as one of Discovery Channel Shark Week’s first Finbassadors. The Discovery Channel Shark Week website had almost five million hits for Georgienne Bradley’s Shark Week Video.

16 October 2015
Sea Save speaks about shark behavior on CNN, MSNBC

Sea Save Foundation director Georgienne Bradley was asked to speak about shark behavior on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and other mainstream news outlets.

16 September 2015
Sea Save Foundation was delighted to support the creative efforts of Balinese SCUBA shops

We were so proud to be part of Balinese SCUBA shops to reseed lost coral ecosystems on underwater Hindu statues. The reseeded corals are healthy, growing quickly, and fast becoming the foundation of a robust new marine community. The restored reef serves as a nursery for juvenile fish and will fund itself by attracting dive tour groups to the area.

16 July 2015
BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit

Sea Save Foundation strongly believes in the BLUE Ocean Film Festival mission, “To use the power of film, photography, entertainment, and science to educate, empower and inspire ocean stewardship around the globe.” The film has always been an integral part of the Sea Save Foundation mission, so we are proud to support this effort as foundation patrons.

16 April 2015
“Ocean Week in Review” is launched

Ocean Week in Review, a weekly publication provides carefully vetted articles about the ocean in summary form.  Research, laws, discoveries are all included. Links to original sources are included providing the reader with the ability to keep abreast of current ocean news in only a few minutes each week.

24 February 2015
Sea Save works hard to release president Mohamed Nasheed

Staunch ocean activist, Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed, solidified his stance against Climate Change when he held his first cabinet meeting underwater. A coup transpired and Nasheed’s right to representation denied. Sea Save foundation obtained over 40,000 signatures demanding his release.

16 December 2014
Wins for Fins

Sea Save Foundation is part of the resource center that enables students, teachers, and advocates to keep track of all shark protection legislation and private sector actions that were occurring around the world. Every positive “win” was marked by a hyperlinked pin on the international global map.  Views could click the pin to learn more.

16 December 2013
Official attendees for CITES in Bangkok, Thailand

Official attendees for CITES in Bangkok, Thailand.  Successfully lobbied to get Porbeagle sharks, manta rays, oceanic whitetip sharks, and hammerhead sharks placed under the protection of Appendix II. This limits international trade of these animals and increases scrutiny of the current population.

16 November 2013
Mandate Countries Observe CITES Decision Protecting Sharks

When Japan, Yemen, Guyana, Denmark, and Iceland decided not to adhere to the global CITES mandate to place marine megafauna under protection, we launched a petition calling on President Obama to invoke the Pelly Amendment to the Fishermen’s Protective Act and thereby begin the process of applying trade sanctions against these countries.