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Cocos Island: Photo Essay: Confiscated Lines

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Pictured below is the shed in which all of the confiscated fishing equipment is stored. To give some sense of scale: the blue barrel in the center is a 50 gallon, plastic oil drum. Each white, canvas sack is filled with line, and weighs approximately 40-45 lbs. On the left are the rows of barrels containing hooks and gacillas.

Barrels and barrels of hooks and gacillas.

The buoys are cut off the line and stored outside, along the edge of the Wafer lawn. There’s no building here with enough space to contain all of them.

More buoys.
And more buoys.
Also in the Wafer Station news today: This afternoon’s patrol just arrived back, cold and wet. They caught two fishing boats within the boundary of the park and expelled them.