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Cocos Island: Onsite Organizational Meeting – Sunday

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The island team works every day. Breakfast is at 6:30 AM “en punto.” A general overview meeting, attended by all, follows at 7:30 AM. At this meeting Geiner Golfin, the Cocos Island manager discusses all the projects to be executed, coordinates times, and allows exchange for suggestions and questions. The meeting takes place at the edge of Wafer Bay and usually lasts 30 -40 minutes. Then the teams disperse.

There is a biologist on the island who is studying the invasive and endemic species. He departs daily and spends times counting animals in a variety of transects. There is also using motion sensor cameras strategically located around the island to monitor activity.
Huge efforts are focused on maintaining and fixing equipment. Human error, humidity, and the saline conditions of the island are brutal on the minimal equipment the team uses to combat the finning and poaching around the island. While on the island we have been considering novel ways to get equipment fixed in a time efficient way. We are also interested in examining the frequency of equipment failure due to human error to see if training programs and proactive care schedules could help lower this number.
While the island has an infirmary, there isn’t a consistent medical presence onhand for emergencies. We are hoping to create a 24/7 video consultation option for emergency situations.