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Cocos Island: Onsite Organizational Meeting Monday 7:30 AM

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Monday Morning – 7:30 AM Meeting – Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica


Open by Geiner Golp

hin Monday, May 17, 2010


Today a park boat will visit the live-aboard dive vessel Argos. While there, they will deliver a safety presentation to the guests and pick-up supplies the Undersea Hunter Group generously transported from the mainland.
An electrician will be visiting the island this week. The three small volunteer casitas will be wired. A request was made that any other electrical problems/request be compiled on a list so the electrician can attend to these tasks during his stay.
The problem of plastic accumulation on the island was discussed. Huge amounts of plastics are recovered from the long lines confiscated from poachers. These materials must remain in park custody until a trial is held. This can take years. Meanwhile, all the material accumulates on the island. No solution was reached.
All organic refuse generated by volunteers is composted. A short discussion about this workflow was discussed.
Work detail to clean and organize the bodega/storage shed was dispatched.
The radio for the patrol boat was fixed. This communication tool was housed in a fiberglass box. Drilling holes and releasing the heat generated by the electronics seems to have done the trick. There is only one boat radio for this patrol boat and in cases of poaching confrontation, it is essential that this tool is up and running.
Meeting ended with a thought for the day
La vida es muy peligrosa.
No por las personas que hacen el mal, si no por las que se sientan a ver lo que pasa.
Albert Einstein.