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Show Shark Conservation Support – Sea Save Foundation Launches “Give ‘Em the Fin” Project

Sea Save Foundation proudly launches their “Give Em the Fin” project to raise national and international awareness about the horrific practice of shark finning. Shark fins have high market value due to their use in shark fin soup. Due to the value of these fins, fishermen often opt to dispose of the low-value shark body and entirely fill their holds with fins. The captured shark is hauled aboard and the fins are hacked off. The still living animal, unable to move, is tossed overboard. It sinks to the ocean floor, where it slowly dies.

An estimated 75 million sharks are killed annually. Today, 82% of sharks (51 species) are now considered threatened. Shark finning is an unsustainable practice. It threatens shark species and entire fisheries. Without apex predators, like sharks, that cull sick and weak fish, disease spreads and our fish stocks are weakened. As these fisheries collapse, people around the globe will be left without their primary food source.

Sea Save Foundation launched a campaign that is drawing attention to this critical issue.

An Internet based program enables participants to upload their photograph, where it immediately becomes an integrated part of a dramatic mosaic. Families, companies, children, and classrooms around the world are taking part. Participants place their hand on their heads to give the international sign of the shark, snap a photo, and upload.

The result is a beautiful, collective mosaic. Sea Save Foundation will print the mosaic as a billboard. The tagline will read, “Be part of the global picture. Say “no” to shark fin soup!” The sign will be posted in shark fin soup hotspots around Asia in the appropriate language.

To participate, individuals can upload their picture at

Volunteers from around the world who want to do more are committing to host “Give Em the Fin” events. “How to Host a Give Em the Fin Event” document can be downloaded from

Sea Save Foundation is a 501(C)3 organization working to generate consciousness and encourage stewardship of natural ecosystems. Their campaigns protect our oceans by raising awareness and educating people about marine beauty and advocating change to resolve current challenges.

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