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Sea Save International Team Making a Great Difference

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After a smooth crossing our team had assembled. Canadian and USA core team are
leading this trip. We are also sharing the boat with divers from Germany, France, Russia, Colombia and Costa Rica. We are also joined by Ginger Garrison on this trip. Ginger is the author of the most frequently sited Cocos Island Fish identification book (“Isla Del Coco Fishes”) and brings a wealth of knowledge about fish behavior to the group. She is in the process of updating the book with new photos and updated scientific and behavior information. With the changes being made to the marine ecosystem at Cocos Island IF volunteers are contributing to this activity as
much as possible during this expedition.
One of the most interesting aspects of this expedition is the fact that the underwater ecosystem seems to be constantly changing. Tiger sharks are being spotted somewhat consistently. This is the first time these sharks have been seen in many years? What is bringing these sharks to the island? Temperature changes? Ecosystem shift? Longline bait from orphan fishing lines providing an easy meal? These large, reportedly aggressive sharks seem to be frequenting the Cocos Islets at night hunting the white
tip shark populations that congregate there. We hope to document this and hopefully uncover clues about this new behavior here. Stay connected with live video updates and blogs of both our obstacles and successes. Together we can protect Cocos Island.