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Scientists, legal analysts, and a consortium of international experts are currently in Geneva deciding the future of mako sharks.  The critical decision of whether the mako shark will be internationally protected by being placed on Appendix II is a vital factor that will help ensure their survival.

The decline of the mako population is particularly concerning due to the fact that the average mako shark has to reach 20 years of age before reproducing. Therefore they will not reach maturity and never reproduce.

This week we are working at CITES*, a United Nations body composed of one voting delegate from all member countries. Also present at this gathering are large fishing business interests. We need your help to show the voting nations that people care about the future of sharks and healthy oceans. This vote will be extremely close.  We need your vote of confidence today.

* Conference of the Parties –  Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)