Sea Save

Coin Up

The Sea Save Foundation stands witness to the health of the oceans and the threats they face. We document problems and develop solutions, arm people with knowledge, and tools so they can make a difference.

With the public as our ally, we go to the United Nations and other global bodies to affect international change. We attend these meetings so we can offer creative, economically viable, sustainable and environmentally friendly plans to decision-makers. We also make sure everyone is doing their best to meet their targets.

To achieve our goals we have partnered with Coin Up, an innovative mobile donation app that makes it easy for you to support Sea Save Foundation and integrate the act of charitable giving into everyday transactions such as buying groceries, filling up the gas tank, or going out to eat on a monthly basis at a level that’s right for you.

Imagine thousands of friends like you donating even $5 a month in spare change from credit/debit card purchases. Together we can make real CHANGE for our oceans and the lives in it.

Download the Coin Up app or click here to donate your spare change to the Sea Save Foundation now!