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Cocos Island: Onsite Organizational Meeting, Tuesday, May 2010

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The rain teamed throughout the night,  the cool permeated the camp and was a relief to the constant intense heat.  The pounding sound on the roof was fabulous and lulled me to sleep.
As per our schedule breakfast at 6:30 AM rice and beans and a great cup of Costa Rica coffee. Everyone scrambled down the hill for the morning meeting and the rain abated.
Geiner Golphin called the meeting to order at 7:29 AM
A surprise guest appeared, but he seemed unprepared and had little to contribute:)
The rain required enhanced efforts to protecting some current construction projects. Three casitas are currently roofless and a crew worked into the night to reinforce plastic protective roofs.
The patrolling crew found six fishing boats within the Cocos Island border.  No longlines were confiscated and the boats fled the park.

At 2 PM there will be a movement of a few team members from the Wafer Bay facility to Chatham.  This will provide a bit of relief to the Chatham Bay team who live without electricity and many other conveniences enjoyed by the main hub in Wafer Bay.


A new group of park personnel and volunteers will arrive in the beginning of June.  A set of duties, tasks, as well as an updated orientation package,  must be prepared before their arrival.  This job was delegated.
The next vessel leaving Cocos Island (UnderSea Hunter) will return to Costa Rica.  Park personal must use this opportunity to transport some of the non- biodegradable materials on this vessel.
Tonight our resident scientist will deliver a presentation  “Investigation of Island Animals” 6:30 PM – Everyone is eager to attend!

Preparations are being made for the upcoming visit and reinspection by the UNESCO team.  We all want to make sure National Park Cocos Island is best positioned to be retained as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A team was assigned the task of testing a new batch of cement to see if it will hold up against the rigors of Cocos Island climate.  If so, it will be used in several future Cocos project, including the construction of a new mooring to be used by patrol boats.
In July, there is space for RACSA personnel – they are needed to come to the island to help strengthen the communication infrastructure (especially in Chatham)
There isn’t an antenna that reaches all the parts of the island. It is vital that there is a reliable system that allows park personnel and collaborating organizations to communicate with each other from anywhere on the island.  Park personnel are researching ways to acquire this vital tool.
Regarding administration in San Jose, best to route all questions through Golfin or other people so that the message is always correct and official.
Quote of the Day: Preocupate mas por tu caracter que por tu reputacion. Tu caracter es lo que realmente eres, mientras que tu reputacion es solo lo que los demas piensan que eres. ” Worry more about your character that your reputation.  Your character is who you are, your reputation is merely who other believe you are.