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Welcome To Sea Save

“Sea Save Foundation is a science based, not-for-profit, ocean conservation organization that leverages the power of education, imagery and critical calls to action to catalyze ocean protection on the regional, national and international stages..”

Georgienne Bradley / Founder / Director

Sea Save Leaders

A group of diverse professionals all coming together for one common purpose.

What We Do

Sea Save Foundation leaders spearhead many campaigns that help educate and advocate for ocean conservation.
Get Trashy is a weekly personal challenge to the worldwide ocean advocacy community to clean up our waterways. Through weekly Sea Save Foundation videos we will be asking and inspiring people to get involved by dedicating just a few minutes of their day in efforts to clean up waterways in their communities. By removing trash from a lake, river or ocean, individuals could improve the water feature, improve the environment for local inhabitants and look to better the aquatic ecosystem. The videos will encourage people to participate no matter where they live – near the beach or in a city – as we must start somewhere if our aim to clean our oceans and planet. We will encourage people to create and post their videos or photos of their cleanups, tagging us (#seasave #seasavefoundation) as well as encourage people to use the campaign hashtag #gettrashy to create a compilation of all efforts.

Every week the Sea Save Foundation team researches and vets the critical stories from the last seven days. We use only reliable news or primary sources. We weave the critical facts into a few tight sentences and present this “Week in Review” to our audience via our blog and social media platforms. By investing a few minutes each week, readers can stay abreast of current scientific breakthroughs, challenges, and advocacy efforts and incorporate this information into their understanding of the ocean. People want to do the right thing and want to protect oceans; we arm them with the information they need to best further these efforts. An informed public will choose to support sound policy that promises secure ocean futures. Knowledge Translation – Often scientists write in a language understandable only by their colleagues. We break down stories published in peer-reviewed journals and reputable publications in a way that is understandable and interesting to the lay reader. We write entries using language that captivates and engages our readers. Information can contribute to knowledge and knowledge can result in action to protect our oceans.

As principal contributors to the original petition making this island an UNESCO World Heritage site, Sea Save Foundation leaders are uniquely positioned to protect the island from poachers who decimate the island’s animal populations. We will reach out to regular visitors to the island such as park rangers, guards, and scientists to relay information about their trips and the condition of the island. Using this information, we seek to inform people of the scientific value and sheer beauty of Cocos Island and its inhabitants to engage them as we ask for their help in protecting it.

Sea Save Foundation partners with dive companies and amateur underwater photographers around the world to crowdsource high-quality ocean images and video into a free, searchable database. Participants are asked to share their photos with the database and each photographer’s best shots are watermarked and uploaded to our servers for free distribution. In return, we ask those who download and use photos and videos to share their projects with us; range of usage could run from from elementary school presentations to nonprofit grant applications.

Advocacy means fighting to defend and protect that which you value. Sea Save Foundation believes in taking information to build knowledge, and using knowledge to take action to protect the oceans. CITES, the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species, is one of the international platforms where Sea Save Foundation courageously wages battle to protect threatened and endangered species from extinction. The Conference of the Parties of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CoP CITES) is where the international community convenes to discuss, debate and decide which species warrant some level protection via international trade restrictions. Sea Save Foundation team prepares and attends these high-level international meetings. We study the proposals and create knowledge translation materials for delegates, who may not understand how a loss of a species could impact their country. We work with other non governmental organizations, scientists and delegates to explore the science and policy surrounding each species.

Give Em the Fin is an interactive campaign that was used to launch a widespread global conversation. This campaign provided a launchpad to discuss and underscore our goal to discourage the consumption of shark fin soup and to educate about the critical role sharks play in healthy ocean ecosystems. The campaign included education, advocacy, and activism on a global level including children and adults, students and scientists, individuals, and groups. This campaign involved information, used to increase knowledge and insight, that resulted in action. That action was leveraged into a global community activity and artwork.

By definition, Advocacy in all its forms seeks to ensure that people, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society, are able to: Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them. Defend and safeguard their rights. Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives. Sea Save Foundation chooses ocean issues and builds advocacy campaigns that enable people to leverage the power of intelligent debate, carefully researched and articulated facts and to use the power of the Internet and social media to communicate these democratic tenets to regional, national and international governing bodies.


Our Gallery

Sea Save Foundation was born from the concept that images are a powerful tool. They stand witness to the beauty and challenges facing our oceans.

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