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Aerial of Cocos Island – Above Heaven

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(c) Ofer Ketter – Seldom Seen Topside Beauty (Click for Video)

Cocos Island is a very beautiful place to those who have been lucky enough to experience it, but for the ones that haven’t – fret no more, you can now experience the gorgeous island from the comfort of your own computer! I had the pleasure of watching a short video edited and filmed by Ofer Ketter, whom I was also able to briefly interview about the making of the video. I must say, iI was taken aback by the gorgeous colors and aerial sights the video provided. 


See the video here: Being someone who still has not visited the island, this video only strengthens my wishes to go and dive there so that I may experience all of its beauty! I hope this brief article gives a small glimpse into a portion of what went into filming the island. To film, they used a Sony EX1R with Gates housing and a Canon DSLR camera with SeaCam housing.  All of the footage in the video was filmed, of course, at Cocos Island in Costa Rica and it was all done for recreational purposes with the intention of having the public enjoy the beauty of the island. 


Mr. Ketter’s history with the island started back in 2001 when he first started working as a dive master inboard M/V Undersea Hunter. When asked what the biggest challenges while filming, he responded “Weather, wind, current, surge, clouds, rain, and visibility.” Seems like a lot of issues but in the end, it all came out beautiful, as one can see from the video. During the filming process, they saw something that looked like a small lake “…somewhere on top of the island” and to Mr. Ketter, that was the biggest surprise he had during the filming process. If he is given the chance to film the island again, he would try different angles and lower altitudes, he said. I was curious as to why he used that specific music and he told me that “Cocos Island reminds me of the planet of Avatar.” Ofer Ketter is a submersible pilot for M.Y. Pacific.

By: Susana Navajas