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Stop shark finning and subsequent collapse of ocean fisheries

US congressional elected officials in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are working together in a bipartisan fashion to pass similar bills banning the possession, buying, or selling of shark fins within the United States.
The House has now passed the bill and it has now been moved to the Senate – act now to contact your senator and support the passage of the US Shark Fin Trade Ban HR 737/S793. A companion bill (S.877 The Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act) has already passed the Senate Commerce Committee with strong, near-unanimous support.
Passing this bill into law would make the United States a leader in shark conservation, and reinforce that shark finning is barbaric, wasteful and a threat to our oceans’ ecosystems.
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With fins from as many as 73 million sharks ending up in the global shark fin market every year, shark fin trading is one of the greatest threats to these apex predators in our oceans. Shark fin trading depends on finning, the barbaric act of hacking off of a shark’s fins, often when the shark is still alive. Without their fins and cast back into the water, the mutilated sharks are unable to swim, inevitably they sink to the bottom and succumb to a slow and painful death by drowning, being eaten alive, or bleeding to death.
Ultimately, life on earth depends on healthy oceans. The universal demand for shark fins has resulted in the dramatic decrease of many shark species. Sharks are apex predators in our oceans and in this role are an essential part of healthy fisheries and marine ecosystems. A nationwide ban on trading of shark fins would reduce the international fin trade and improve enforcement of the current finning bans. 
H.R. 737 was introduced by Representatives Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan (D), from the Northern Mariana Islands, and Michael McCaul (R), from Texas to the US House of Representatives on 1/23/19. It had 261 bipartisan co-sponsors and has been passed by the House Natural Resources Committee’s subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife (9/18/19). It was passed by the house 20 Nov 2019 by 310 votes to 107.
S.877 was introduced by US Senators Corey Booker (D) from New Jersey and Shelley Moore Capito (R) from West Virginia on 3/26/19 and passed out of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee without amendments 4/3/19. Currently, the Bill has 19 co-sponsors.
Please join the urgent movement to pass these bills to promote sound ocean policy and to protect our oceans for future generations. Join our call to Action today to email your Senator to encourage them to support these bills.
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Pledge to "Seas the Vote"

Your participation could mean the difference between healthy ocean futures and a saline wasteland. Commit to taking advantage of the privilege so many others fought for. Seize the Day! Seas the Vote!

Pledge to Protect Sharks

Sharks do not recognize political borders and we must work at the international level if we are going to realize true change. Help us turn this tide and ensure that "Shark Week" does not have to be moved to the "History Channel"

Florida Shark Fin Ban

Florida, one of the primary suppliers of shark fins, has for too long been a source of unsustainable fished sharks. Now you can change this. Urge Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, to Curb the Shark Fin Trade.