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Sharks do not recognize political borders and we must work at the international level if we are going to realize true change.  Help us turn this tide and ensure that “Shark Week” does not have to be moved to the “History Channel”

Advocacy Actions

Pledge to "Seas the Vote"

Your participation could mean the difference between healthy ocean futures and a saline wasteland. Commit to taking advantage of the privilege so many others fought for. Seize the Day! Seas the Vote!

Federal Shark Fin Ban

FINish the job! Pass a Federal Shark Fin Ban to protect sharks and ocean ecosystems for future generations. Send a strong message urging your representatives to support this bill.

Protect Goliath Groupers

Florida's iconic and marvelous Goliath grouper have been a federally protected species since the 1990s. These beautiful fish are long-lived and slow to mature, which meant that fishing pressures nearly wiped them out before protection was enacted.