Sea Save


Get Trashy is a personal challenge that’s intended to be a catalyst for individuals and groups to initiate clean up activities in their communities and post the results on Facebook and other social media forums. Sea Save Foundation will post videos asking people to do a personal trash pick up this week and to post a video or image of their outcome. The location, time, and scope are up to the activist, creating a more flexible approach to the traditional beach clean up.

Posting resultant images or videos is a way to show outcomes and inspire others to do the same. In addition to the flexibility of choice about time and location, Get Trashy promotes making advocacy clean up of trash something that can be done weekly or as frequently as the individual desires. The individual flexibility and digital video posting opportunities makes Get Trashy this generation’s answer to the traditional beach cleanup. 

What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?

Around the world trash and particularly plastics are finding their way into our oceans. Sea Save Foundation is working hard to try to stop the production and unsustainable use of single-use plastics, but we also need to clean up the existing waste from the land, freshwater streams and rivers as well as oceans and beaches.

Current beach cleanups are great, but they require people to clean up at a predetermined time and at a specific targeted geographical place, leaving many close to home trash build-up sites unchecked.
Get trashy is a way to join the ocean advocacy community and show, via uploaded video, the scope of the cleanup you completed for the week.

How are we solving this problem?

June is #GetTrashy month at Sea Save Foundation!

Cleanups can be done virtually ensuring convenience AND safety as we all pitch in to clean up. Supporters around the world participated in cleanups at beaches, rivers, and inland to help improve the condition of our marine environment.

We will encourage participants to create and post their videos or photos of their cleanups, tagging us with hashtags #seasave,  #seasavefoundation, and #gettrashy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create a compilation of all efforts.