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Federal Shark Fin Ban

Please be part of the urgent and collective voice to pass a Federal Shark Fin ban to close loopholes exploited by poachers

The unsustainable shark fin practice in the United States must end. The patchwork of state fin ban laws are not adequate.

Ask U.S. leaders to pass the federal Shark Fin Ban bill, which will close the final loopholes. 13 states; 3 U.S. territories have passed a Shark Fin Ban, and now we must act to finish these closures and federally protect our ocean’s sharks. This bill’s passage would be a big step forward and make the United States a leader in shark conservation.

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Protect Goliath Groupers

Florida's iconic and marvelous Goliath grouper have been a federally protected species since the 1990s. These beautiful fish are long-lived and slow to mature, which meant that fishing pressures nearly wiped them out before protection was enacted.

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Your participation could mean the difference between healthy ocean futures and a saline wasteland. Add your name now, and commit to taking advantage of the privilege so many others fought for.