Peace Corps Volunteer: “I did not know Cocos existed, until now.”

        Three and a half years ago, I joined the Peace Corps with the intention of “following my dream” and helping others discover theirs. I was sent to a small and isolated community in Costa Rica where I dideverything from teaching English and environmental awareness to building a playground and multiuse basketball […]

Cocos Island – Definition of “Extreme”

  Cocos Island is extreme.  The diving is extreme, the distance from the continent is extreme, the people who come here are extreme and the effort of protecting her is extreme. Our last patrol found 19 fishing boats poaching within the protected waters.  As we approached the cluster with our small boat, they scattered.  Seven […]

Aerial of Cocos Island – Above Heaven

(c) Ofer Ketter – Seldom Seen Topside Beauty (Click for Video) Cocos Island is a very beautiful place to those who have been lucky enough to experience it, but for the ones that haven’t – fret no more, you can now experience the gorgeous island from the comfort of your own computer! I had the pleasure […]

Keeping Paradise Safe – Searching for Poachers

As an official Cocos Island volunteer, one of my routine duties is to accompany rangers on patrol.  We are searching for illegal fishing vessels lurking inside the Cocos Island boundary. Most often these patrols occur the middle of the night and on the windward side of the island where the water can be very rough. […]

Show your love for Cocos and oceans – Host a “Wave Rave”

  Your Oceans Need You! Global Wave Rave – August 25 & 26, 2012 What is a Wave Rave? Wave Rave is a global event and joining of people around the world as we unite for a common purpose – to celebrate with friends and family the beauty and importance of our oceans and to […]

Costa Rica Court moves forward with lawsuit against shrimp trawling.

  The Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (Incopesca) and the Technical Secretariat of the Environment (Setena) have three days to respond. Constitutional Court orders Incopesca and Setena to inform on lack of Environmental Impact Assessments to allow this activity. Constitutional Court orders Incopesca to not grant any more shrimp trawl licenses. San José, Costa Rica – […]

New Shark Species, Resembling Great White, Discovered at Cocos Island – April, 1 2012

Cocos Island, Costa Rica – April 1, 2012 – Even in waters as well visited as those surrounding Cocos Island, UNESCO World Heritage site, biologists can discover new species. The latest? A remarkable new shark measuring over 15-feet in length.  Previously unknown, this shark joins the long list of cartilaginous fish inhabiting the waters surrounding […]

Cocos Island Finches: Darwin’s Forgotten Bird

  The mid-afternoon and mid-morning coffee break at the Wafer Bay Station: sipping rich, hot coffee and eating a packet of cream-stuffed cookies, watching the three or four Cocos finches, twitter around the porch rafters and railings, lurking in hopes of crumbs. It was part of the daily ritual: sit down for coffee, and within […]