Do the Australian fires impact the ocean? You bet they do.

Do the Australian fires impact the ocean?  You bet they do.      The enormity of the catastrophic fires currently ravaging Australia is hard to comprehend. Millions of acres of wilderness have succumbed to the flames in an extraordinary combination of factors that include severe weather conditions (drought, winds), human criminal activity (a number of […]

Removing a Few More Straws from the Ocean Slurpee

    Good News – Not Great News for California Plastic Pollution Advocates   Americans throw away 500 million straws per day, enough to circle the Earth twice. These cylindrical pieces of plastic are significantly contributing to the growing slurry of plastic pollution in our oceans. Plastic does not degrade, and according to a study […]

California Breaks with National Policy, will host Climate Summit, Pruitt Systematically Dismantles EPA, Navy Dolphin Deployed and More:

1. In a Break with US National Policy, California Governor Jerry Brown Announced an independent Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, September 2018  California Governor Jerry Brown has one-upped Trump by announcing that he will host a Climate Action Summit in San Francisco in September of 2018.  He says Trump “doesn’t speak for the rest of America,” […]

China Stunner: New Reasons Not Study International Harvest of Rare Corals

Special Sea Save Foundation – CITES Report Series Review of Precious Corals in International Trade Johannesburg, South Africa.  September 25, 2016 – The United States submitted a proposal to gather additional information about the current use of rare and precious corals (black, red and pink)  In their opening statement, the United States expressed concern that China’s […]

Week in Review: CITES IS HERE!

1. The Sea Save Foundation is set to attend the 2016 CITES Conference   Georgienne Bradley and Jay Ireland will be attending the 2016 CITES CoP17 World Wildlife Conference being held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on behalf of the Sea Save Foundation. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora begins […]

Shark Bytes!

Sharky Bytes All the Sharky News that is Fit to Print    Produced by:  Brandon Bethea and Lisa Kubotera 1. Shark eDNA Study Could Be Conservation ‘Game-Changer’   Professor Mariani and research partner, Judith Bakker, from the University of Salford, are working on a new method of data collection on shark populations. Organisms, humans and sharks alike, are composed of […]