Big Blue Town

What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?

Too often conservation messages are targeted towards a narrow market segment, committed conservationists. They are posted on conservation web pages, that are followed and viewed only by ardent advocates. We need to grow our audience by targeting new demographics and engaging them in conversations about ocean protection and the reasons for shark species protection.

How are we solving this problem?

Big Blue Town is an original country western song/video creation that leverages the talent and fan base of Stephanie Quayle, a talented country western singer.  She wrote a metaphorical song about her cowboy who is protecting her “Big Blue Town.” The lyrics touch upon the importance of sharks in keeping ocean ecosystems healthy. It also explores the threats sharks face from general misinformation and misunderstanding by humans regarding sharks and the risk posed by poachers.

Describe the actual campaign

Sea Save Foundation created a compelling music video for the Stephanie Quayle Country Western song, Big Blue Town.  We will gain exposure for the song and message by entering this, as new form of Public Service Announcement, at targeted Film Festivals and targeting other markets that will be receptive to this effort.  The song will also be available for download via iTunes.

Promote the song via the music video

Load the song to iTunes and others

Promote the video via Discovery Shark Week

Promote the video via Film Festivals

An on-screen romance between a mermaid and a shark cowboy has made a splash at Sea Save Foundation. This music video was produced by Sea Save Foundation for the song “Big Blue Town,” which was written and performed by Stephanie Quayle.

The video was directed by Georgienne Bradley, a Women Divers Hall of Fame inductee and “Sport Diver” Sea Hero; edited by Emmy and Eddie Award winner Kelly Coskran (“Deadliest Catch,” “Shark Tank,” “The Amazing Race”); and supported by two-time Emmy winner Thom Beers (“Deadliest Catch,” “Ax Men,” “Monster Garage”). All topside sequences were shot at Sunset House, Cayman Islands.

Stephanie Quayle, a dynamic country singer/songwriter and Rebel Engine recording artist, wrote and recorded “Big Blue Town” after learning about the problem of unsustainable shark fishing from Georgienne Bradley, director of Sea Save Foundation. Quayle donated the song to Sea Save to help increase awareness of this issue and to raise funds for Sea Save’s ocean conservation efforts. The song is “country for a cause, from sea to shining sea.”

The video, which features vibrant underwater footage from around the world, sends the message that sharks are essential to healthy, balanced ocean ecosystems. Without sharks to cull sick fish, disease can quickly sweep through fisheries, with devastating economic and social ramifications.

Reaching the country music demographic is a huge breakthrough. “Big Blue Town” allows us to expand our audience and spotlight the threats posed by shark finning, an inhumane and unsustainable practice that is devastating shark populations around the world. To learn more about shark finning and find out what you can do, click here.